Interactive Graphic: Job Change by Industry for Every County in Contiguous US

The fully interactive map below indicates job growth and decline for all counties in the contiguous US from 2006 to 2011. These show up as hot or cold spots; red for growth, blue for decline. You can select a state to zoom in on and find a county that way, or simply click on a county to drill in. Once you’ve chosen a county, the table under the map will show you job numbers by industry category.

The data for this graphic comes from EMSI’s Complete 2011.3 dataset, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and many other sources. Many thanks to Tableau for putting this together. If you have questions or comments about the graphic or would like to learn more about how EMSI helps folks better understand their regional economies, please email Josh Stevenson.

9 Responses to “Interactive Graphic: Job Change by Industry for Every County in Contiguous US”

  1. Terry Bailey

    Great information.

    Is there a way to save these reports as a pdf?

    I appreciate your work on this subject.

    Terry Bailey

  2. Rob Sentz

    Terry. Thanks for the comment. You cannot download here, but we’d be happy to provide you with data for your area. Contact rob at with your request.

  3. Rob Sentz

    Ha. Good point Ken. I’ll have to check and see how we fit you all in there… (interface is somewhat limited). Cheers!

  4. Rob Sentz

    Doug, not in this display, but I can look into that for you.

  5. Todd Drew

    I’d remove all the brackets for the percent change figures as it looks like they are all decreases unless you note the small minus sign in the cases where there is a real decline. Convention is that brackets mean declines…

  6. Stevenson

    Thanks, Todd, for the note. We’ll keep that in mind for future graphics.