What we do and why we do it

Emsi, a CareerBuilder company, turns labor market data into useful information that helps organizations understand the connection between economies, people, and work. Using sound economic principles and good data, we build user-friendly services that help educational institutions, workforce planners, and regional developers (such as workforce development boards, economic development organizations, chambers, utilities) build a better workforce and improve the economic conditions in their regions.

Why? Here at Emsi, we understand that a skilled, well-prepared workforce drives economic prosperity. The successful development of that workforce requires the right training, recruiting, hiring, and planning. These activities are largely dependent on our ability to process data that illuminates many facets of employment and human capital so that we can make better decisions. We’re here to provide that data.

Our Core Values

Bless the Customer

We provide data and services that help people promote economic prosperity in their organizations and communities.

Bless the Employee

We strive to have a culture in which our employees become better people by working here and subsequently bless others financially and otherwise.

Bless the Shareholder

We believe that blessing customers and employees is the best way to drive profitability and long-term stability for the shareholders.

Where we live


Emsi’s home is Moscow, Idaho, a college town tucked away in the Pacific Northwest in a region called the Palouse, known for its beautiful rolling hills. Moscow is home to the University of Idaho and is only eight miles from Washington State University. Emsi also has a team in the UK.

Company history

In 2000, Emsi began conducting economic impact studies for colleges, and we have since completed over 1,200 such studies across four countries.

In 2003, we started building tools around the labor market data we used in the studies — data that has become a key service for many professionals who need to understand workforce and economic characteristics and trends within different economies. This data is housed inside Analyst, a comprehensive labor market research and analysis tool.

In 2008, we created Career Coach, a tool to help students and jobseekers gain the right career vision.

In 2012, CareerBuilder acquired Emsi. The two companies have partnered to continue to bring solid data and analysis to a broad array of clients.

Our core products



Great data, easy interface


Career Coach

Create a career vision



Expertise from economists


Image of Andrew Crapuchettes

Andrew Crapuchettes, CEO

Andrew Crapuchettes is the chief executive officer of Emsi. Since joining as the third employee in 2001, he has turned the small consulting firm into a well-recognized company that currently employs over 120 people in the US and the UK. In 2012, Mr. Crapuchettes orchestrated the sale of Emsi to CareerBuilder, and he is actively building the company under the new ownership. Mr. Crapuchettes has helped start several other organizations, including Sabbath House, findfish.com, and Populi Inc., and also serves as a trustee of New Saint Andrew’s College in Moscow, Idaho.

Image of Timothy van den Broek

Timothy van den Broek, CFO

Timothy van den Broek is the chief financial officer at Emsi. Joining the Emsi team in 2010, he brought extensive experience in tax, audit, payroll, bookkeeping, budgeting, management accounting, and business consultancy. He worked three years as an accountant at Herbert Parnell Chartered Accountants in Surrey, England, and another three years as sales manager in the horticultural sector. He is a member of both the Washington Society of CPAs and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Mr. van den Broek has a BSc (Hons) in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University (2007).

Image of Rob Sentz

Rob Sentz, CINO

Rob Sentz serves as the chief innovation officer at Emsi, where he leads in furthering Emsi’s vision through new and updated products for higher education, economic development, workforce planning, and human resources. Prior to this, he served as Emsi’s vice president of marketing from 2006 to 2014, managing Emsi’s team of writers and designers in producing monthly newsletters, blog posts, and other materials on a broad range of economic and labor market topics. Under Mr. Sentz’s leadership, Emsi data became regularly featured by national news outlets.

Image of Deacon James

Deacon James, CTO

Deacon James is chief technology officer at Emsi, where he has worked since 2003. He oversees the product and data development, focusing on creating increasingly detailed data and user-friendly tools that help clients make well-informed decisions. Mr. James has designed and developed processes for creating industry, occupation, and demographic data at the national, regional, and local geographic levels for multiple countries. These developments and enhancements have helped to make Emsi’s labor market data and tools among the very best available. In addition, Mr. James has done web design, consulting, and international labor studies.

Image of Bruce Evans

Bruce Evans, VP of Product Management

Bruce Evans is the vice president of product management at Emsi. He brings to the team over 17 years of high-tech product development experience, including leading development of data-intensive tools for process simulation and factor analysis. Mr. Evans joined Emsi in 2010 to oversee the development of Emsi’s industry-leading labor market data tools. He has held leadership positions in higher education and at an international non-profit organization, and has also helped start a West Coast-based green building company that focused on LEED-certified homes.

Image of Jeff Perley

Jeff Perley, Chief Operations Officer

Jeff Perley is chief operations officer at Emsi, where he leads the professional services, research, internal data systems, and sales enablement teams. From custom consulting solutions to building systems that capture user feedback, Mr. Perley is constantly changing Emsi’s processes to meet our clients’ ever changing needs. Prior to this, he conducted and managed various consulting and development projects at Emsi. Mr. Perley also teaches fundamental principles of economics to high school students. He has served as CEO and senior consultant at Intelligent Computing Services, project manager of SPARTA & TYBRIN Corp, and general manager at Perley Cable Construction.

Rod Olps

Rod Olps, VP of Consulting Services

Rod Olps is the Vice President for Consulting Services at Emsi. Prior to this, Rod served as Client Services leader for 5 years and then as Vice President of Human Capital. Rod has spent most of his career in either management or consulting services in the areas of employee benefits, HR and strategic management. Prior to Emsi, Mr. Olps served as the president and COO of Bomgar, a fast-growing, venture-funded technology company in Jackson, Mississippi. Prior to Bomgar, he spent 20 years in various management and consulting roles in the field of employee benefits consulting in New Orleans, Louisiana, and Jackson, Mississippi. Mr. Olps graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in science, and served as a naval flight officer in the US Navy in San Diego.


Dr. Hank Robison, Founder, Chief Economist

Hank Robison is co-founder and chief economist at Emsi with 30 years of international and domestic experience. He specializes in economic impact analysis, regional data development, and custom crafted community and broader area input-output models. His clients include state and federal government agencies and private industries. Prior to Emsi, Dr. Robison served 10 years as a research faculty and consultant to the University of Idaho, where he secured a wide array of grants and contract research. Dr. Robison is recognized for his theoretical work that blends regional input-output and spatial trade theory, and for his development of community-level input-output modeling. A retrospective ranked Dr. Robison number eighteen of the top one-hundred “intellectual leaders of regional science” for the decade of the nineties (Papers in Regional Science, 83(1), 2004).


Dr. Kjell Christophersen, Founder, Senior Economist

Kjell Christophersen is co-founder and senior economist at Emsi. He has over 35 years of long- and short-term international experience as an economic analyst and modeler in Africa, Asia, the Near East, Europe, the Caribbean, and the U.S. His list of clients includes USAID, The World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, FAO, and several private clients in the US. For these he has served as team leader on numerous economic modeling, project appraisal, assessments, planning, design and evaluation, feasibility studies, and economic and financial analysis training assignments. Dr. Christophersen has also provided modeling and economic analysis services for higher education institutions in the US since Emsi was founded in 2000. He earned his PhD in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics in 1974 at Washington State University.