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Our Company

Using labor market data to connect and inform people, education, and business.

At Emsi, we’re focused on the student-to-employment journey. For better than 15 years, we’ve served as labor market advisors to leaders in higher education, business, and community development. Now having teamed with CareerBuilder, we have additional insight into the ever-changing needs of employers. Together our teams of economists and data scientists provide expert consultation and online resources that help:

Students identify their career interests and the corresponding education path;

Colleges provide in-demand programs and services that boost student recruitment, retention, and career readiness; and

Businesses efficiently develop a strategy to find and acquire talent with the necessary skills for their workforce.

Headquartered in the US with a satellite location in the UK, we serve clients across three continents.

Our Teams

Higher Education

We firmly believe when students know that their education will lead to a great career—one that fits who they are and is in-demand with employers—they will engage with their education at a deeper and more effective level. We partner with colleges to help you leverage your economic impact, offer industry-aligned academic programs, and drive student success.

Economic & Workforce Development

Economic and workforce development professionals help their communities prosper by bringing in new businesses, helping existing companies grow, and finding good jobs for their residents. We provide economic and workforce developers with data insights on their regions so they can understand their comparative strengths, showcase their available workforce, develop career pathways, find gaps in their local training system, and much more.

Talent Analytics

Finding the right talent at the right time and with the right skill set is no easy task. We believe that integrating data into the constantly evolving talent strategy process will open doors for businesses to better evaluate the labor market in relation to their own workforce needs. We partner with companies to enhance their recruiting efforts, reach diversity goals, determine optimal markets, and build solutions that solve problems related to their single most important asset—their people.

Find Your Calling

We’re passionate about helping students make informed decisions about their career and education paths. Find Your Calling is our initiative to help high school students find a career that fits who they are as a person and plan their education path around their career goals.

Our Data

Our data is the foundation of everything we do: learn more about it.

Our Core Values

Bless the Customer

We provide data and services that help people promote economic prosperity in their organizations and communities.

Bless the Employee

We strive to have a culture in which our employees become better people by working here and subsequently bless others financially and otherwise.

Bless the Shareholder

We believe that blessing customers and employees is the best way to drive profitability and long-term stability for the shareholders.