The Future of Student Outcomes Data is Here

Which employers are hiring our graduates, and for what kinds of jobs? What skills and certifications do they have? Where are our alumni located?

Answer these critical questions and others with Emsi’s Alumni Insight—essential employment outcome data gathered from more than 65 million professional profiles.

Analyze Your Alumni

  • Where are our alumni located?

  • Which employers are hiring our graduates, and for what jobs?

  • What skills and certifications do they have?

Add Filters, Dig Deeper

  • Employer

  • Job title

  • Location

  • Skill or certification

Program Outcomes

For higher education institutions, the next natural question is: What about the graduates from our programs? Are they employed in a field related to their program of study? Are they staying in state or migrating out of state?

To help answer these questions and shine light on alumni outcomes for specific programs, we can match an institution’s past student records to our database of professional profiles. The result is the ability to access employer, location, job title, skill, and certification data for your alumni, filterable by program of study.



Job Titles




Alumni Employment Data

“I would recommend this data to a colleague without reservation."

“We have just scratched the surface of what we can do with this data.”

“This data fills in the blanks that the alumni survey can’t.”

Track Alumni Outcomes

  • Where are they working?

  • Who are they working for?

  • What is their current job title?

  • What skills do they have?

Build Partnerships

  • Identify employers hiring your alumni

  • Create new business partnerships

  • Gather insight on curriculum relevance

Engage Students

  • Show students that your graduates are landing the quality jobs that they’re being trained for.

Montgomery College Uses Alumni Employment Data to Track Outcomes, Partner with Employers, & Engage Students