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Labor Market Research Software

Economic insight covering more than 99% of the workforce

To serve your region well, you have to know it well. Analyst empowers your staff with actionable economic insights to help them work smarter.

The data in Analyst details industries, occupations, programs, demographics, skills, and businesses—all in one place.

How We Help

We give you a full, contextualized view on your workforce and economy. Our composite labor market database, unsuppressed and up-to-date, blends historical and projected industry and occupation trends with rich job posting analytics. The result? You can see the positions employers are looking for—and hiring—today.

Program Research

With aggressive recruitment goals or hard-to-fill positions, adjusting your location strategy can be the key to success, but where do you start?

Here. Analyze all of our data points across any geography—state, metro, county, ZIP code, or a custom region—and quickly rank and filter to focus on just the best for you.

Grant Applications

-Justify your application with contextualized data from your regional economy

-Evaluate growing industries and occupations, emerging skills, and training opportunities based on historic and projected trends

-Understand how funding could impact the economy and lead to the growth of other industries and occupations

-Pinpoint key connections between education, workforce, and industry

Success Stories

See how leading colleges are using Analyst