Analyst: Labor Market Analytics


To serve your region well, you have to know it well. Analyst puts the data you need in one place—empowering data-driven success in higher education.


Comprehensive labor market research software

In-demand skills



Job Postings




“Emsi data regarding job types, wages, and growth is essential when making programmatic decisions in all of our occupational programs."

LMI software dashboard

Program Research

Evaluate workforce need with current labor market data and live job postings

Determine what programs are feasible, competitive, and bound to equip students with valuable skills

Identify in-demand and emerging industries and occupations

Design curriculum to meet the needs of local businesses and prepare students for jobs

Grant Applications

Justify your application with contextualized data from your regional economy

Evaluate growing industries and occupations, emerging skills, and training opportunities based on historic and projected trends

Understand how funding could impact the economy and lead to the growth of other industries and occupations

Pinpoint key connections between education, workforce, and industry

Program analysis data

Success Stories

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