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Thousands trust Analyst for the vital labor market analysis they need to make better decisions. Analyst saves planners, researchers, and data users serious time and helps them better understand important connections between people, economies, and work.

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“With all the different statistics that [EMSI] compiles, everything’s in one place. So it makes it a lot easier for someone like me when I need that information to go to one place and be able to run a report and download it in a matter of minutes as opposed to spending days combing through different data and material.”

— Bridget Back, Eastern Kentucky Concentrated Employment Program





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  • Create regions and get into the data with no hassle
  • Easily design, save, and export custom reports


  • Tap into a composite of more than 90 federal, state, and private data sources
  • Stay up-to-date with EMSI’s quarterly data releases
  • Seamlessly create data for any county, ZIP, MSA, or multi-state region


  • Spend more time analyzing the data and less time hunting
  • Produce presentation-ready formats

Case Studies

Oklahoma Establishes Statewide Economic Development Strategy After In-Depth Data Analysis

oklahome-dept-of-commerceIn her 2013 State of the State address, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin unveiled a long-term economic development plan that focuses on wealth-generating, job-producing industries. The foundation for the statewide strategy was an exhaustive data analysis – a months-long process that was simplified using EMSI Analyst.

How Troy University Uses EMSI to Help Alabama Communities With Economic development

troy-university-clrAccess to reliable, easy-to-grasp labor market data leads to stronger decisions by local economic developers and communities. That’s one of the core tenets of the Center for International Business and Economic Development (CIBED) at Troy University in Alabama.