Analyst gives you actionable insights on the full spectrum of your local labor market. It empowers strategic decision making, and presents intuitive workflows with print-ready reports that connect industries to occupations and occupations to educational programs. And it blends the robustness of our industry-leading traditional labor market information—which covers nearly every wage-and-salary worker, self-employed person, and proprietor in the economy—with the detail and recency of our job posting analytics.

With the support of highly contextualized data, Analyst enables you to make strategic decisions easier and with more confidence. Identify in-demand industries and occupations for your region with key indicators like growth, wages, and demographic trends. Work proactively with 10-year data projections. Use the input-output model to measure the effect of a business gain or loss. Leverage these detailed insights and much more to sharpen your strategies and drive your decisions with data.  

Emsi Data Certification

Be the go-to for great data. Emsi Certification covers the basic elements of using labor market information, as well as what makes Emsi’s data unique.

“Making our case with Analyst helped us to receive a grant for a million more dollars than we had originally hoped for. Analyst made our project stand out and be strong.”

— Carl Haynes, President of Tompkins Cortland Community College




Contextualized Data

Information detailing industries, occupations, programs, and businesses connected and in one place.


Ongoing Support

Use our team as a resource to get the most out of Analyst and better understand the data.


Prioritize Results

Easily sort data in tables based on relevant metrics.


Export Reports

Create presentation-ready reports with PDF, Word, and Excel export options.


Visualize Data

Use heatmaps to visualize trends across the nation, down to the ZIP code level.


Dynamic Search

Jump to exactly what you’re looking for–occupations, programs, companies, skills, and more.

Case Studies

Oklahoma Establishes Statewide Economic Development Strategy After In-Depth Data Analysis

oklahome-dept-of-commerceIn her 2013 State of the State address, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin unveiled a long-term economic development plan that focuses on wealth-generating, job-producing industries. The foundation for the statewide strategy was an exhaustive data analysis – a months-long process that was simplified using Emsi Analyst.

How Troy University Uses Emsi to Help Alabama Communities With Economic development

troy-university-clrAccess to reliable, easy-to-grasp labor market data leads to stronger decisions by local economic developers and communities. That’s one of the core tenets of the Center for International Business and Economic Development (CIBED) at Troy University in Alabama.