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Competency-Based Education Catching on as Way to Strengthen Workforce Training

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Competency-based education has been around for a few decades, so it isn’t a new fad in higher education. But it’s an emerging one, and the online component of CBE is going to revolutionize workforce training, Michelle Weise of the Clayton Christensen Institute wrote last week in Harvard Business Review. What is competency-based education? In brief,...
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Certification & Analyst Training Coming to Walla Walla, WA


EMSI will bring on-site Certification and Analyst training to Walla Walla, Washington, on November 4. Hosted by Walla Walla Community College, the all-day event will include Certification  and Analyst training throughout the day. There will also be a breakout session for more in-depth Analyst training as well as a session dedicated to Career Coach training.  What EMSI Certification tells you: 1. What is LMI? The...
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EMSI Leadership Conference — Just a Few Spots Left!


The EMSI Leadership Conference is right around the corner and we have a mere handful of seats still open! Come to Coeur d’Alene (near the tip of Idaho) October 20-22 to hear from some of EMSI’s most successful clients, get up to speed on exciting EMSI updates, and discover what 2015 looks like for us as we continue changing...
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MIT Technology Review Uses EMSI Data to Analyze Manufacturing Skills Shortage


MIT Technology Review recently used manufacturing-related data from EMSI to create the following graphic in its article “The Hunt for Qualified Workers.” Written by Kristin Majcher, the article addressed the “growing concern that gaps in workers’ skills will hinder the current renaissance of American manufacturing.” These increasingly rare skills are found especially in traditional manufacturing jobs such as machinists and mechanical engineering technicians. Read the...
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