Cochise College Evaluates Its Programs With Public, Easy-to-Understand Reports

From Cochise College's  the computer information systems occupation report

How can your college make certain that it is offering relevant programs and training students for growing, local opportunities? In Arizona, Cochise College has found that incorporating labor market and education data into its curriculum proposals and program reviews can help---especially if that data is transparent, publicly available, and easily...
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HSS Inc. Uses Earnings Data to Win Multi-Site Contracts and Maintain Profit Margins

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When a hospital needs security personnel, HSS Inc., one of America’s leading outsourcing companies, bids on the contract. If it wins, it fills the positions with its own employees and trains them as well. But the profit margins can be slim. Especially for large contracts, HSS Inc. relies on EMSI data and other sources to be able to accurately predict wages, keeping bids competitive but within...
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