Create a career vision.

Why should students stay focused on their education, let alone enroll in the first place? Before anything else, students need a career vision—a strong grasp of what they’re aiming for, how to get there, and why. They need to see the value of their degree. Career Coach is EMSI’s revolutionary solution for giving your students that vision for the future.

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“Advisement and career service directors absolutely love this tool. It’s honestly the first tool we use with students when they come in the door and they say, ‘I want to be…’”

— Paola Documet, Director, Advisement & Career Services, Miami Dade College




800+ Careers

Career Coach taps into powerful labor market information for all 840 Standard Occupation Codes (SOCs).



Students can see how many people are employed in a given career, as well as the age breakdown of the workforce.



Graphs of percentile earnings show students the various earnings potential for different careers.


Job Postings

Job postings from all over the web are pulled into Career Coach and featured right next to each career.



View important usage statistics and learn which careers and degrees students are searching for the most.



Easily embed career information into your program pages to create a deeper integration on your website.



Career Coach connects your programs to real career opportunities. As students browse careers, they see the education and training that you offer for each one. This establishes a solid connection between your programs and real-world results.



We do the heavy lifting! Our team of data experts collects the necessary program information from your website and builds Career Coach. Afterwards, you have the opportunity to review and edit the data before the site goes live. We even host Career Coach on our own servers, so there’s no need for your IT staff to get involved.


Up to Speed

Career Coach uses EMSI data, the most current and complete employment dataset in the world. EMSI data is regularly cited by major publications such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and is updated four times annually. For more info on EMSI data, click here.

Career Coach Advanced Training

Career Coach Advanced Training is an online or in-person course designed to train career advisors and recruiters in labor market information and instruct them on how to get the most out of Career Coach in their work.

Case Studies

In Omaha, Students Use EMSI’s Career Coach as Their “Personal GPS”

avenue-scholarsEducation and workforce leaders in Omaha have a history of working together to ensure the region continues to thrive. One of their latest partnerships involves the widespread use of EMSI’s web-based career tool throughout Nebraska’s largest metro.

Miami Dade College Markets Programs and Advises Students with Career Coach

monroe-cc-blkRather than focus on the sheer number of students it serves, Miami Dade is more concerned about ensuring its graduates enter the workforce with the right skills and credentials. That’s where EMSI’s Career Coach fits in. The online tool gives new and prospective MDC students a realistic picture of the job market in South Florida for any profession, and ties students’ job searches to the educational requirements needed to land the job and specific programs at the college.