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Where IT Jobs Are Expected to Grow in the Next Five Years

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EMSI dove into Analyst, our labor market and education data software, to determine where IT jobs are expected to grow and decline the most by 2020. This information can help businesses find talent, universities and colleges make informed program planning decisions, and workforce development professionals prepare jobseekers for growing opportunities.

Are There Enough Young Air Traffic Controllers to Replace Retiring Baby Boomers?

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What does the future hold for the air traffic controller occupation? Are there enough young people entering this occupation to replace retiring baby boomers? What does it take to be an air traffic controller? EMSI decided to answer these questions with Analyst, our labor market and education data software.

Defining Advanced Manufacturing at the Industry Level and Pinpointing Its Growing Hubs

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Professionals in workforce development, economic development, and higher education are fighting to make their communities well suited for advanced manufacturing industries. But the definition of advanced manufacturing is often vague and difficult to define at the industry level. What exactly is it?