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Where Bartenders Flock Together

Here Are The Places With The Most Bartenders Per Capita 2015-03-19 11-38-19

We saw in our recent analysis that when it comes to breweries, not all US states are created equal. The same is true for general ease of getting a drink—any alcoholic drink. Last week, we teamed up with CareerBuilder to determine the cities, states, and counties with the most bartenders per capita. There are nearly […]

New Car Dealer Jobs Are Booming, Especially in Two Superstar States

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Low gas prices and a healthy job market led to record high car sales in 2014, and some of those sales—particularly pick-up truck and compact SUV sales—have continued through 2015. Since someone has to be making those sales, servicing those cars, and drawing up those financial documents, EMSI decided to take a look at what this sales boom means for the labor market.

The Rise of Brewery Jobs and Establishments in Post-Recession US


America seems to be toasting her economic recovery with a cold one. After a seven-year slump from 2004 to 2010, the breweries industry (NAICS 312120) reversed direction in a hearty uptick at the end of the recession and has sprung up 44% in the past four years. With 35,675 brewery jobs in 2014 (compared to […]

It’s Not About More Associate’s Degrees; It’s About the Right Associate’s Degrees


The Wall Street Journal recently published an article by economists William A. Kelly Jr. and Elizabeth Sawyer Kelly that critiques President Obama’s free community college plan, suggesting that this is hardly the time to concern ourselves with producing more college-trained workers. But associate’s degrees aren’t all the same, and neither are all regional economies.

Where Welders Make the Most Money

The emergence of in-demand jobs that require a community college education or less but pay well—sometimes extremely well—is a big story, and a timely one with President Obama unveiling a plan to make community college free for millions of students. USA TODAY started a major series on jobs, using EMSI data, by focusing on these […]

New Report Examines Mid-Skill Petrochemical, Industrial Construction Shortages in Houston


In the prosperous Houston economy, a blend of industries is driving new job opportunities for middle-skill workers. But, as EMSI helped identify in a recent report with JPMorgan Chase, two sectors stand above the rest: petrochemical manufacturing and commercial and industrial construction.

The Rise and Fall (and Rise) of Sales Jobs

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Sales jobs aren’t hot and new; they’ve been around forever and can be found in almost every company and industry in the world, so it’s easy to sort of forget about them. Besides that, a career in sales contains certain challenges; you have to sell things, for starters, and your pay is usually very dependent on […]