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Which Colleges and Universities Have the Highest Veteran Enrollment?

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Do veterans tend to enroll at community colleges or universities? Online or in person? Are the top schools for veteran enrollment concentrated in certain parts of the country? The answers to these questions can help talent acquisition professionals locate veterans who fit into their recruitment strategies.

The Tech Talent Pipeline in Austin and Other Major Markets

In a new tech talent study for the Austin Technology Council, Brian Kelsey of Civic Analytics showed that Austin compares favorably with the likes of Raleigh and San Francisco on job growth, but when it comes to degrees awarded in core tech programs—and wages in core tech occupations—the Central Texas metro lags behind other major […]

Which Metros are Creating the Highest Share of Living-Wage Jobs? Just Look at Manufacturing Hubs Like Detroit

The second edition of the Labor Market 150 Index is out, and once again Provo-Orem, Houston, and Raleigh make up a powerhouse trio at the top of the quarterly ranking from EMSI and CareerBuilder. Yet none of these labor market standouts cracks the top of the list of metros that have created the highest share […]

Data for Diversity Initiatives, and How Diverse is Google, Really?

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The lack of diversity in Silicon Valley’s many talent-rich businesses has been the subject of much discussion. Now Google is doing something about it.USA TODAY featured an in-depth article on how Google is turning its attention to “cracking the code on the lack of diversity in the technology industry.” Last year, the cyber titan spent $115M on diversity […]

Seven of the 10 Hardest-to-Fill Jobs are in Health Care

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This week, the American Staffing Association (using CareerBuilder’s Hiring Indicator) released a list of the top 10 hard-to-fill jobs in 2015. Of those, seven are related to health care. Occupational therapists Heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers Physical therapists Photographic process workers and processing machine operators Occupational therapy assistants Speech-language pathologists Family and general practitioners (physicians) Merchandise displayers […]

The Best Colleges for Recruiting Physical Therapists

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According to the American Staffing Association, physical therapist positions are among the top 10 hardest to fill. Offering upwards of $45 per hour (median wages) and typically requiring a manageable four-year degree, the occupation seems like it should be an allure for jobseekers. Businesses certainly want to hire; there are currently 48,000 unique job postings for physical therapists nationwide […]