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Sharing Analyst: The Video

Hot on the heels of the recent announcement that EMSI will be building social media sharing into our Analyst tools, we’ve put together a video overview of just how easy it is to share data with the world. Take a look.

Job Posting Analytics Coming to Analyst


We’re excited to announce that later this summer we’ll begin to incorporate real-time job posting activity in Analyst, our web-based labor market research tool. We’ve carefully reviewed how best to include job posting analytics in our tools. Our goal is to provide the best and most current data for decision-making and analysis, and we’re eager to hear your feedback as we roll out this new data.

The Associate’s Degree Payoff: Community College Grads Can Get High-Paying Jobs, and Here Are Some Examples

There’s clear evidence that degree level matters when it comes to lifetime earnings. But another critical element is the actual job that a person chooses. We explore well-paying jobs that (often) take an associate’s degree to land.