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WESTAF Identifies Four Challenges to Analyzing the Creative Economy

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Last month, the Western States Arts Federation (WESTAF) published an article that responds to Steven Johnson’s New York Times Magazine article “The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t.” As the developers of Creative Vitality Suite, WESTAF uses its expertise to outline four challenges that made it difficult for Johnson to tell the story of the creative economy with data.

University of New Brunswick’s $1.2B Economic Impact is One of Academica Group’s ‘Top Ten’ Stories


Each weekday, Academica Group handpicks the 10 most relevant, interesting, and important stories affecting Canadian university and college professionals and publishes them in an email digest. Earlier this month, the Top Ten turned readers’ attention to the University of New Brunswick’s economic impact study results.

Are There Enough Young Air Traffic Controllers to Replace Retiring Baby Boomers?

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What does the future hold for the air traffic controller occupation? Are there enough young people entering this occupation to replace retiring baby boomers? What does it take to be an air traffic controller? EMSI decided to answer these questions with Analyst, our labor market and education data software.

White House Cites Emsi in Report on Free Community College


In September, the White House released an update on President Obama’s initiative for free community college. Under the America’s College Promise proposal, at least two years of community college would be as universal as high school and these two years would be free, allowing disciplined studiers to earn the first half of a bachelor’s degree at no cost.

STEM Up, Humanities Down: New Analysis of Growing & Declining Program Completions


The growth of completions in STEM majors and the decline of liberal arts degrees seem to be continuing apace.A new analysis of data from the National Center for Education Statistics by CareerBuilder and EMSI shows that more than half of the college completions with the biggest growth between 2010 and 2014 were in science, technology, engineering, […]