Our team of economists and consultants combine years of experience with Emsi’s powerful labor market data to help solve the problems faced by your organization or institution. Whether communicating your economic impact, developing your regional workforce, or evaluating program offerings, our team is eager to develop a solution that provides a unique outside perspective from economic experts.

Meet our team of expert economists and consultants.

Community Colleges

Emsi has a long-standing history of working with community colleges. Our team of consultants will strive to find a solution right for your institution. Bring all of the relevant data together to understand your institution’s state and regional effect with our two-year Economic Impact Study. Understand how your programs align with the regional economy’s needs with the Gap Analysis Report. Or, work with our consultants to develop a custom solution for the problem your institution is trying to solve.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 10.40.56 AM  Universities

Emsi’s team of consultants and economists work with universities to help understand your institution’s impact on the region and solve problems around program review and feasibility, along with market research. Our four-year Economic Impact Study enables you to communicate the fiscal impact of your institution, while the
Gap Analysis Report focuses on program evaluation, assessing how that institution’s programs meet the needs of the regional economy. Whatever problem your university is facing, our team is eager to help solve it.

Economic Development

Our consulting team serves economic developers to understand the economic structure and assets that exist within their regions. With limited time and resources, developers need to target their efforts on activities that will generate the greatest economic benefit. Guide your strategy with information detailing your workforce, your relevant industry clusters, and the economic impact of particular businesses.

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Workforce Development

Emsi’s partners with workforce development organizations to assess the big picture of regional economies and provide tactical advice on which occupations and educational programs are the best candidates for training and education investments. As a nexus of public assistance and training funds, workforce organizations must know how their economies function and what can be done to encourage greater growth. Along with our analysis of economic data, we also advise on best practices in developing workforce development programs and working with economic development agencies based on our vast experience working with such organizations.

Workforce Analytics & Training

Any form of new business development must be justified with the claim that the requisite talent can be found and employed at the right time and place that a business needs them. When businesses are looking for the right place to recruit new workers, or to relocate their business Emsi’s consulting team can provide the analytics to guide these decisions. We can also go to deeper levels of analysis to explain the economic impact of these decisions, both internally for the company and externally for the surrounding community.

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