Current, complete, and ready to use.

US Data

We collect data from more than 90 sources, bring it up to date, and deliver it so you can use it effectively. Emsi’s composite dataset gives you valuable insight on occupational wages, industry trends, employment growth/decline and concentration, and tons more. With Emsi, you can explore the most in-depth local employment data available — presented in a way that real people can understand.



UK Data

Gleaning data from nine government sources, Emsi creates a staffing pattern that matches up UK industries with occupations. Every year, we update our data with more than 20 million data points describing labor market conditions across Great Britain, giving you the most accurate and reliable source of UK labor market information available today.

Canada Data

There has always been good labor market data available from Statistics Canada, but it’s not exactly user-friendly. What’s more, the different sources available often speak different “languages” that users have to translate. Emsi harmonizes the data by combining the Census, the Labor Force Survey, and a number of other sources into one dataset that covers Canada’s full range of industries and occupations. It’s consistent, it’s comprehensive, and it’s current.



Australia Data

Emsi’s Australian dataset harmonizes the Labor Force Survey with the Census to capitalize on the strengths of both sources–resulting in a dataset that features the granularity of the Census with the recency of the Labor Force Survey. Historic data reaches back to 2001 and includes five-year projections for 362 geographies, 292 industries, and 474 occupations within Australia.

France Data

Emsi’s data on France is similar to our Brazilian dataset – strong essentials for understanding the nation’s employment situation. With full granularity, the labor market info Emsi collects covers 783 industries and 428 occupations. The historic data goes back all the way to 2004 and up to 2013, and is available for every region, department, arrondissement and commune in the nation – including Corsica, French Guiana, and Guadeloupe!


Brazil Data

Emsi’s Brazilian dataset collects official data on employment from a number of sources to provide a remarkable level of detail on Brazil’s wide spectrum of industries and occupations. It includes 673 distinct industries and 2517 distinct occupations, with data for every state and municipality in the nation. The historic data covers 2010 to 2013, and also includes education completions for 2010 and 2011.