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Our Data

Actionable insights covering more than 99% of the workforce.

We’ve seen time and again how labor market data, when used to inform decision-making, can change lives and improve economies.

Our data helps students find the right career, colleges offer the right programs, employers hire the right talent, and economic and workforce developers prosper their communities.

Why Emsi?

We give you the full, contextualized view on your workforce and economy. Our composite labor market database, unsuppressed and up-to-date, blends historical and projected industry and occupation trends with rich job posting analytics to show the positions employers are seeking—and hiring—today.


The BLS suppresses as much as 60% of county-level industry employment and wage data. We have algorithms to remove suppressions and provide estimates that our clients vouch for.

Full coverage

Track nearly every existing job in your economy, from salaried office workers to the self-employed.

Single source

No need to jump between government sites and data providers—we offer a full suite of traditional, real-time, and skills data.


Seamlessly move from industries to occupations to educational programs.

What Does It Include?

Our labor market analytics allow you to drill down on any industry, occupation, and postsecondary educational program in your region. Plus, we have robust job posting analytics, workforce and population demographics, as well as supply chain analysis, GRP by detailed industry, and other economic data.

Our Data Is Available Through:




-Custom data pulls

Who Uses Our Data


Our data helps colleges understand their economic impact, offer industry-aligned programs, and drive student success.

Economic & Workforce Developers

Economic and workforce developers use our data to help local companies grow and find good jobs for local residents.


We help businesses use data to find and attain the talent they need as quickly and affordably as possible.


We help students find a career that fits who they are as a person and plan their education path around their career goals.