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Economic Development

Labor market & economic insights to help your community prosper


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We’ve worked with EDOs for more than a decade


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More than 1,000 practitioners have gone through our advanced labor market training


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Our labor market data covers virtually every worker in the United States

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How We Help

We provide data software and consulting services to help you understand and communicate your economic and workforce strengths, respond to business inquiries, benchmark your region against your peers, and more.

Showcase Your Available & Future Workforce

  • 18 billion data points curated from dozens of government data sources (QCEW, OES, etc.) updated quarterly.
  • Measures by SOC, title, or skill
  • See the pipeline of future workers from local educational programs
  • See the companies actively recruiting talent in your region right now and what skills they need
Local occupation report

Region industry report

Develop Talent Attraction Strategies

  • 65 million US individuals' employment and education profiles
  • Find your region's alumni and most likely candidates for relocation
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Focus Your Business Attraction, Retention, & Expansion Efforts

  • Focus your business attraction, retention, and expansion efforts.
  • Find regions to target for business recruitment
  • Pitch your region’s competitive advantages
  • Monitor the health of your most important industries for stronger business engagement and retention
National business recruitment and retention

Region industry report

Enhance Your Strategic Plan

  • Identify and rank your region’s industry clusters
  • Look at an industry’s historic and projected performance
  • Get a handle on supply chain leakages
  • Quantify the impact of a business arrival or closure
  • See the companies actively recruiting talent in your region
Region industry report

Our Services


Our full suite of labor market data, job posting analytics, and economic analysis—designed for everyone from front-line staff to advanced researchers.

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Success Stories

See how some of the most innovative EDO's are partnering with Emsi