Economic Impact

Prove the value of your institution & earn the support of your community

Anecdotes have their place, but when it comes to proving your economic impact, you need proof. Our economic impact study puts data behind the economic and social benefits of your institution.

Get equipped.

Prove the value of your institution

Change the public’s perception of education

Justify greater financial support

Better understand your institution

“With Emsi’s study, we are able to communicate a more comprehensive picture of what our college actually provides the community."

“We can say all the right words about the importance of the college, but when you provide them data, specifically about the economic impact, that’s when I see eyebrows starting to come up.”

”This is more concrete data. It helps make the case to further support the college…”

What does the study measure?

Impact Analysis

Investment Analysis

Additional Analysis

Interested in measuring additional impacts like that of start-up companies or research spending? Just ask.

Success Stories

See how some of the most innovative colleges are partnering with Emsi