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Talent Analytics

Labor Market Intelligence for the Enterprise

More often than not, companies have only a partial understanding of their current and future workforce needs. This limited knowledge directly hinders the ability to make human capital decisions that impact business results. Be at the forefront of the information revolution by driving your knowledge to the next level. With Emsi as your co-pilot and labor market data as your resource, you’ll be arriving as an expert.



We partner with more than 400 organizations of all sizes



We’ve worked with corporations for more than a decade


Talent acquisition professional users

More than 2,000 professionals have gone through our advanced labor market training


Of Employment

Our labor market data covers virtually every worker in the United States

Our History

Emsi’s Talent Analytics team gained even more traction as labor market intelligence thought leaders when CareerBuilder acquired Emsi in 2012. Now with both companies working together to solve your problems, the bounds of human capital analytics are finally being pushed toward greater innovation and data-driven intelligence.

How We Help

We provide subscription software and consulting services to help you understand data that will inform your talent strategy. We help you communicate across business units, formulate the most efficient talent acquisition plan, understand where the properly skilled talent you need are located, benchmark your company against your competitors, and more.