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Career Coach

Helping students achieve career goals through your programs

Students attend college to get better jobs. We created Career Coach to help students achieve their career goals through your programs.

Career Coach

Driving student engagement by helping students set and pursue career goals

career coach - cybersecurity

“Career Coach can really assist students with job opportunities that align with their passions."

“Students are able to see the academic path, expected earnings, and job market predictions. It really engages them in a new way.”

“I can show them everything about what they can do and how to get there right here on Career Coach.”

How it works for students:

Job interest quiz

Explore Careers

Research your career interests, or take a career assessment if you don’t know where to start.

Learn about each career’s typical tasks and requirements to gauge what would be a good fit.

Check The Data

Evaluate careers based on how well they pay and whether or not that field is expected to grow.

See which companies do the most hiring and explore live job postings to learn what they want from employees.

Web developer wages

Career pathways

Choose a Path

Explore the available degrees that lead to the career you want, and choose the education path that best fits your needs.

Request more information from the college, or apply directly through the program page.

Career Coach Advanced Training

We train your staff to get the most out of Career Coach in their work and understand the data behind the tool

Success Stories

See how some of the most innovative colleges are partnering with Emsi