Career Coach

Using Data to Improve Advising on College Campuses

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Community College Daily recently published an article emphasizing the importance of academic advising, and showcasing one particular college whose efforts to keep students engaged have paid off handsomely.Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) realized that “we needed to figure out a better way to advise” because “you can teach all you want, but if you do not make the connection for them, […]

Hostos Community College’s One-Stop Success Center Boasts a Team of Coaches and EMSI’s Career Coach


Three years ago, Hostos Community College in Bronx, New York, faced the all too common challenge of confused students struggling to complete their degrees. With an average of 1,200 new students each fall and an advisement system that was far from rigorous, too many students lacked direction.

Community College Week Reports on the Impact of EMSI Data at Fayetteville Tech

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Community College Week recently published an article, showcasing Fayetteville Technical Community College’s use of data to inform decisions of all types across its campuses: from admissions to career counseling to grant writing, and more. It highlighted how the college’s partnership with EMSI gains them quick access to quality data, making it easier to make smart, informed choices.

Closing the Information Gap: EMSI’s New Report and Webinar Series

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This week, EMSI released a report, Closing the Information Gap, that addresses how students’ concerns about the value of education are creating enrollment and retention challenges for America’s colleges and universities, and how several higher ed institutions have successfully met those challenges through the use of technology and transparent data.

Webinar Recap: Key Steps to a Successful Career Coach Implementation


Earlier this week, Owen Sutkowski, director of transfer and career services at Central Piedmont Community College in North Carolina, and Sarah Wilson, CPCC’s Career Coach project coordinator, joined EMSI for a webinar to share tips for creating a Career Coach launch plan, effectively mapping program data, and helping students build an ongoing relationship with Career Coach.