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Where IT Jobs Are Expected to Grow in the Next Five Years

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EMSI dove into Analyst, our labor market and education data software, to determine where IT jobs are expected to grow and decline the most by 2020. This information can help businesses find talent, universities and colleges make informed program planning decisions, and workforce development professionals prepare jobseekers for growing opportunities.

Are There Enough Young Air Traffic Controllers to Replace Retiring Baby Boomers?

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What does the future hold for the air traffic controller occupation? Are there enough young people entering this occupation to replace retiring baby boomers? What does it take to be an air traffic controller? EMSI decided to answer these questions with Analyst, our labor market and education data software.

Interactive Map: The Distribution of Food Manufacturing Jobs and Where They Pay the Best

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Food manufacturing, which turns livestock and agricultural products into other products for consumption, is responsible for Green Bay’s cheese and Seattle’s coffee. This industry made up nearly 1.5 million wage-and-salary jobs in the United States in 2014—about three times the number of crop production jobs—making it a significant employer.

New Car Dealer Jobs Are Booming, Especially in Two Superstar States

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Low gas prices and a healthy job market led to record high car sales in 2014, and some of those sales—particularly pick-up truck and compact SUV sales—have continued through 2015. Since someone has to be making those sales, servicing those cars, and drawing up those financial documents, EMSI decided to take a look at what this sales boom means for the labor market.