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Introducing Emsi’s Market-Focused Customer Service Teams


In an effort to better bless our clients, we’ve created customer service teams focused on higher ed, economic and workforce development, and talent acquisition. Read more about the change, and watch a video of our customer service leaders talking about our new approach.

Video: How to Demonstrate Your Advanced Manufacturing Talent Pipeline

Industrial engineering technician skills gaps

Economic and workforce development organizations are fighting to attract, retain, and grow advanced manufacturing businesses in their areas. If they can prove their talent pipeline, they’ll have a leg up on cultivating businesses that offer competitive wages, positively impact gross regional product, and present a variety of career pathways to employees.

Industry SWOT Analysis: How To Identify Your Region’s Comparative Advantages, Weaknesses, and Emerging Industries

Industry SWOT Analysis

SWOT is an acronym that stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. When applied to industry analysis—in this case using change in location quotient as the key metric—the highly visual SWOT framework allows economic developers and other local practitioners to segment industries into helpful buckets.

How Workforce Data Helped Bring $80 Million in Capital Investment and 180 Jobs to Mount Pleasant, Tennessee


South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance (SCTWA) served as part of the team that recruited Gruppo Concorde (an Italian tile manufacturer) to Mount Pleasant, Tennessee—resulting in $80 million in capital investment and adding 180 jobs to the rural region. The ability to demonstrate workforce and demographics information, using EMSI data, was key to this process.

Revisiting Newton, Iowa: How a Small Town’s Economy Grew Stronger After Losing Its Largest Employer

President Obama speaks at TPI Industries, a wind turbine manufacturer in Newton, Iowa (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivias)

This article revisits our 2008 case study about Newton, Iowa, which lost its largest employer that year. Now, spirits are up, and Jasper County (where Newton is located) has surpassed 2008 job counts and is driving unemployment into the ground.

Defining Advanced Manufacturing at the Industry Level and Pinpointing Its Growing Hubs

20151001 Adv Mfg Feature-12

Professionals in workforce development, economic development, and higher education are fighting to make their communities well suited for advanced manufacturing industries. But the definition of advanced manufacturing is often vague and difficult to define at the industry level. What exactly is it?