Economic Development

Bringing Data Sources Together Helps Georgia Power Bring Business To Georgia


It may seem unusual for a utility corporation to also be a leading player in the economic development world. But for almost a century there’s been nothing run-of-the-mill about Georgia Power. GP has developed a groundbreaking suite of data tools that combine a wide range of sources — including EMSI — to provide them with the trustworthy evidence they need.

The States Leading the Way in Net New Business Establishments Since the Recession

Texas created 22% of the nation’s net business establishments from 2009 to 2012 (more than 29,000). New York created 16% of all net establishments (nearly 21,000) and Illinois created 14% (18,000-plus). That’s more than half of all net establishments since the end of the recession in three states. But the picture changes when we look at per-capita gains.