Looking at the Gender Gap in IT Graduates


Are efforts to make technology training more attractive to women succeeding, or does looking at the data reveal that computer sciences remain largely male sector of the economy? It depends what kind of training you look at — but overall, the data reinforces the need to put increased effort into opening computer sciences to women

Education Connections: Linking Degrees and Jobs in Montreal

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Are Canadian students getting the right degrees for the market? Or are they training for positions that, while they pay well enough, are radically over-supplied? It’s the flip side of the skills gap issue, and the answer comes from labour market data. To see what that looks like, we drilled down on data about Montreal’s education environment.

Who’s Making Money In Canada’s Metros?


What kind of jobs make the Canadian economy tick? While the general perception is that the growth in Canada’s economy is largely due to the success of oil and gas-related jobs, a closer look at city-by-city data makes it clear that there is a wide range of high-paying occupations adding a considerable number of jobs.Recently […]

Are All Majors Created Equal? Canadian College Degrees With Good and Bad Job Prospects

Everyone who’s finished high school in Canada knows the common wisdom that to get a high-paying career, you need to continue on to college and get a degree. A new report from the CIBC, however, makes it clear that the facts aren’t quite so simple. In fact, while a college degree can be the ticket […]

Canada Education Data Webinar — Sign Up Now!


We told you recently that EMSI’s unique labour market data for Canada was about to get better with the addition of new geographic options and a new section of education data. Now we’d like to invite you to a free webinar on September 19th to present EMSI’s new education data in person, and to show […]

Big News for Canada Analyst

We’re already proud of Analyst for Canada, which has offered comprehensive data on industries and occupations. With our newest data release, though, we’ve made the tool far more useful by adding complete data on Canada’s postsecondary educational programs. Using Statistics Canada’s excellent PSIS data, we’ve been able to compile data on completions for every single postsecondary […]

The Associate’s Degree Payoff: Community College Grads Can Get High-Paying Jobs, and Here Are Some Examples

There’s clear evidence that degree level matters when it comes to lifetime earnings. But another critical element is the actual job that a person chooses. We explore well-paying jobs that (often) take an associate’s degree to land.