shift share

The Metros Gaining (and Losing) the Largest Share of Post-Recession Jobs

In a new analysis with CareerBuilder, we used shift share — a standard economic analysis method in Analyst, EMSI’s labor market research tool — to tease out the number of new jobs from 2010 to 2013 in each of the 50 most populous metros that can be traced to regional factors as opposed to national trends.

How to Identify Driver Industries in Your Region

Driver industries are those that play a key role in the economic vitality of a region by supplying quality, often high-paying jobs while also supporting job growth in other industries. These industries function as the primary engines for economic growth and stability because they export products and services and import vital dollars. Those dollars then circulate […]

Understanding Shift Share

Shift share is a standard regional analysis method that attempts to determine how much of regional job growth can be attributed to national trends and how much is due to unique regional factors. Shift share helps answer why employment is growing or declining in a regional industry, cluster, or occupation.