Workforce Development

The Impact of Boeing’s Long Beach Plant Closure and How Workforce Practitioners Can Respond Using Data

In this article, we will walk through the impacts of Boeing’s plant closure in Long Beach as well as some of the ways that workforce and economic developers can use data on their local economies to respond to—or even prevent—similar closures.

How Michigan’s Public Sector Consultants Uses EMSI Data to Inform Transition Program for Students with Disabilities

In Michigan, like every other state, the businesses that form the local industry base are different from county to county. This has implications for a state program that helps students with disabilities transition to adult life—a transition that includes trying to find the right job.

Workforce, Workforce, Workforce: How TIP Strategies Visualizes EMSI Employment Data


This is a guest post from Karen Beard of TIP Strategies, an Austin, Texas-based economic development consulting firm. TIP has used EMSI data since 2007 for workforce- and economic-related components of projects. This piece walks through examples of the neat ways TIP visualizes EMSI employment data to answer key workforce-related questions.