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Workforce Development

The data you need to serve jobseekers and businesses

Workforce development professionals help people get good jobs and help employers find or train skilled workers. Labor market data is vital to these and other core workforce development functions. With Emsi, you can provide employers with key labor market insights, and you—and the jobseekers you serve— can access local data simply and quickly.

We Would Know



We’ve partnered with workforce boards for more than a decade


Workforce Boards

We provide data to more than 100 workforce boards, state departments of labor, and other agencies


Certified Professionals

More than 1,000 workforce and higher ed practitioners have gone through our advanced training


Of Employment

Our labor market data covers virtually all workers in your region

How We Help

Know What’s In-Demand

Understand the in-demand industries that drive your region—as well as the occupations and skills needed in those industries—with our detailed local data.

Understand Career Pathways, Planning, and Skills

Look at skills transferability between occupations, see local employers’ skills needs, and analyze real-world career progressions via our résumé database.

Bolster Business Services and Engagement

Target employers within your region’s driver industries using our business listings and job posting analytics—and head to meetings with insights into their labor market needs.

Support Economic Development

Become an integral partner for attracting and retaining local businesses by responding to workforce data requests quickly and efficiently.

Evaluate and Align Programs

Evaluate local gaps and surpluses in training and education in a matter of minutes and better align programs based on local workforce needs.

Analyze Real-Time Data

Get a pulse on the jobs that local employers are actively seeking to fill and the skills they need with our job postings analytics.

Our Services


Our full suite of labor market data, job posting analytics, and economic analysis.

Cluster identification
career information

Career Coach

A tool that helps you serve jobseekers quickly and lets them directly tap into career info.