Define your workforce beyond government codes

How many Cyber Security Experts does your region have? What are the specific skills of your workforce? Where do your companies source their talent? To help answer these questions and more, we use aggregated information from 65 million social profiles in the US based on job title, skill, certification, company, industry, school and more!

Report data like businesses are asking, search over 5,400 Job Titles

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Search over 25,000 different skills to find the right talent


Search by Job Title or SOC and see the crosswalk between them


See where your graduates went and who you might be able to recruit back


Find top employers, the colleges they hire from and the titles they employ


Once you've found them, contact them by email or phone

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Improve Site Selection Response

  • Report workforce availability by job title

  • Provide information on your community no one else can

  • Get beyond the government codes and find the skill sets businesses are looking for

Next Level of Talent Attraction

  • Find alumni who left the area

  • See specific profiles that match business criteria

  • Contact information where available

With 65 million profiles in the US and over 400 million globally, we can help you define your available talent like never before.