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Detailing the stimulus package

February 3, 2009 by Joshua Wright

With lawmakers continuing to feverishly debate the economic stimulus package, we’d thought it would be good to offer a breakdown of where the spending is slated to go. As of now, the key number is $535 billion. That’s the figure, under the recently approved House bill, that is targeted for spending. Of course, the total could very well change by the time the Senate is finished tweaking the plan.

Click here to download updated Senate and House versions of the bill. Meanwhile, here’s a press release from House Appropriations Committee that gives more detail of where the money is being targeted and here’s a similar release from the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Washington Post has this spending graphic, and for a state-by-state breakdown, The Wall Street Journal has compiled a nifty interactive map.

To start off our breakdown, here’s a list of some the major categories targeted and the funding associated. (Note: These figures are based on the House bill.)

  • Saving public sector jobs/resources: $215 billion
  • Social services (housing, workforce, public services): $124 billion
  • Education purposes: $73 billion
  • Infrastructure improvements: $44 billion
  • Health care and related infrastructure: $27 billion
  • Science and technology: $19 billion
  • Environmental improvements and infrastructure: $19 billion
  • Government facilities: $15 billion

Second, we’ve produced pie charts that show the percentages in the major categories. (Note: Click on the images for a full-size view.)

  • An overview of the spending
  • Education
  • Environmental improvements
  • Federal facilities
  • Health care
  • Social assistance
  • Science and technology
  • Infrastructure

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