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Client Snapshot: Jay Pryor, Heartland Works, Inc. (KS)

May 22, 2009 by Emsi Burning Glass

Jay Pryor
Business Consultant
Heartland Works, Inc.
Topeka, Kansas

Jay Pryor uses EMSI’s labor market and impact analysis when he has data requests from agencies in the Topeka area and adjoining counties that require a timely response. Recently a regional chamber of commerce approached Pryor looking for economic impact assessments of three bids for a highway construction project in a small Kansas town. The chamber wanted to know how many jobs would be created as a result of the different bids for the project, and it needed the data right away.

With help from EMSI’s customer solutions staff, Pryor was able to quickly break down each bid based on the projected costs and send the information along to the chamber, which was “happy with the work we did,” Pryor says.

The next day Pryor was contacted by another chamber of commerce, which was trying to attract a battery manufacturer to its community. Using EMSI, Pryor showed the chamber (1) an industry staffing pattern on battery manufacturing for the region, (2) the most compatible occupations to target ideal transition candidates, and (3) a demographics breakdown for the area. This data gave the chamber a good sense of the potential labor pool that the manufacturer could draw from if it relocated.

The labor market analysis provided to both chambers of commerce was particularly “relevant with the economy being what is,” Pryor says. “For chambers, it’s important to have that information. It’s not the information they usually have readily at their fingerprints. In turn, EMSI provides a valuable service.”

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