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Job Finder: A Valuable (and Affordable) Option for Career Centers

November 11, 2009 by Joshua Wright

In 2007, the California Workforce Investment Board (CWIB) commissioned a study of the state’s one-stop career centers to better understand the costs associated with traditional jobseeker services. The study, which was authored by Richard Moore and Phil Gorman (Cal State Northridge), found that the median cost of providing universal (or basic) services is $166 per jobseeker. This mostly includes self-service job searching and perhaps minimal staff assistance.

According to the report (which you can see here), “. . . universal services are provided on a self-service basis, but much like the public library, many clients need help and One-Stops provide it by offering some one-on-one coaching, such as reviewing resumes or helping with computers.”

Now a $166 price tag might not sound all that high, but given the high rates of unemployment and the sheer volume of people coming through the one-stop system — that $166 adds up quickly. Based on this research, an organization that uses EMSI’s Job Finder (now called Career Coach) to help jobseekers find compatible jobs decided to see how the cost of its own services compared.

What did it find? First, it was able to offer similar job-searching and labor market services as well as more in-depth services like finding suitable training programs — for a lot less money per individual. Much of this is due to the fact that the organization estimates Job Finder offers customized self-service for about $1.50 per customer at its four centers. That’s less than 1% of the median cost in California.

Job Finder isn’t just affordable and easy to use — it also provides comprehensive results quickly. When jobseekers give their previous occupation, desired wage, and maximum commute distance, the tool uses EMSI’s labor market data and proprietary skills matching to focus their search on occupations with compatible skills, comparable wages, and a good local hiring outlook. Jobseekers can view real-time job listings and training programs, and generate an individualized report to take home with them.

If you want more info on Job Finder or would like to discuss how it can help your organization, contact Rob Sentz or call 866.999.3674.

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