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The Latest on Gainful Employment & How EMSI Can Help

June 9, 2011 by Joshua Wright

Last week the Education Department finalized its much-discussed “gainful employment” rules. The chief target of these regulations are for-profit institutions, but all colleges that offer non-degree certificate programs will be impacted. And the impact will be immediate.

Here’s what we know at this point:

  • Effective on July 1, colleges must, in a clear and meaningful way, display the following information on each of their gainful employment program webpages to remain Title IV compliant:
    • The occupation(s) by SOC code each program trains for;
    • Links to occupational profiles on O*NET;
    • Costs associated with each program;
    • On-time completion and job placement rates by program;
    • Median debt load incurred by students to complete the program.
  • By October 1, institutions must report information on students who were enrolled in a gainful employment program for each award year dating back to 2006-07.
  • The target for this information is current and prospective students, and the underlying goal is to push colleges to be market-driven.

That last point — helping institutions become more responsive to the needs of their markets — is why EMSI developed Career Coach, our career guidance web tool. Career Coach is an ideal solution to help colleges quickly and efficiently adopt some of the gainful employment changes.

Many institutions across the US already use Career Coach on their websites to inform students of the realities of the local job market. By mapping all of the college’s program offerings to occupations, Career Coach is able to deliver current data about trends, wages, and who’s hiring in their region.

To help with the new gainful employment requirements, EMSI is updating Career Coach to include:

  • A template for the GE disclosures (see below) — in addition to being able to track Career Coach usage, administrators will now have access to a template for entering in all of the necessary GE disclosure data. Once entered, that data will be displayed on Career Coach and also via widgets on each college program webpage.
    • The widgets will be easily updated and can be applied to any part of a college’s website. Further, the widgets will allow the data to be retrieved, downloaded, and searched for, per USDE requirements.
    • The template will help colleges bridge the gap before the USDE and NCES provide their required template down the road.
  • Custom mapping of all programs (CIPs) with relevant occupations (SOCs) — as part of Career Coach and the template, EMSI will link your college’s educational and training programs with associated occupations — a vital and time-consuming part of the regulations.

For existing or prospective Career Coach clients, please email Larson Hicks (larson@economicmodeling.com) for specifics on what’s needed to get started and make sure your college complies with these regulations.

Joshua Wright

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