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EMSI Certification Graduate Cited as ‘Local Data Expert’ in Wisconsin

October 28, 2014 by Emsi Burning Glass

Jo Ann Giese-Kent

Jo Ann Giese-Kent

There are a variety of resources available to economic development organizations that help them serve local businesses and empower their regional economies. Jo Ann Giese-Kent, director of entrepreneurship and business intelligence at the Fond du Lac County (Wisconsin) Economic Development Corporation, is taking those resources a step further.

Recently, Giese-Kent participated in EMSI’s Certification program and successfully completed the exam. Her organization put out a press release on Giese-Kent’s completion of EMSI Certification, in which she is cited as a “local data expert in EMSI methodology and information regarding labor market information, driver industries, and industry economic impact studies for Fond du Lac County.”

The knowledge gained from her certification in tandem with her experience in Analyst, EMSI’s labor market research tool, is helping Giese-Kent answer questions  for area businesses such as the ones presented in the press release:

• Which occupations in Fond du Lac County will be most affected by the aging workforce?
• What are the most important occupations for a given industry (staffing patterns)?
• Which industries drive the Fond du Lac County economy based on size of industry, job change, concentration, wages, and growth compared to the national economy?
• What is the demand for a specific industry in the region? What industries exist in the supply chain for a core industry?
• How many jobs are currently dependent on a particular industry? For example, how many jobs in the region would be lost if we were to lose or gain a major employer such as Mercury Marine (economic impact)?

This highlights some great ways that economic developers are incorporating EMSI data and tools into their business intelligence offerings, and how EMSI’s data certification is a valuable addition to that toolbox.

Fond du Lac EDC, in fact, has used EMSI data to help retain Mercury Marine (see our case study) and identify targeted industry clusters (case study).

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