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Emsi at ASU+GSV Summit

April 11, 2018 by Rob Sentz

We’re excited to host three presentations at the ASU+GSV Summit next week. If you are attending, we’d love to catch up! Come to one of our sessions or set up a time to chat.

1. How to Use Labor Market Research to Connect With Employers and Create Relevant Programs

10:00 – 11:00 am, Tuesday, April 17

Colleges and universities extol the virtues of being data-informed—using data to create relevant programs that are aligned with the labor market. But how do you actually do this? In this talk, National University, Northeastern University, and SNHU will discuss how they use labor market information to develop programs, generate employer support, and engage students.

  • Jonathon Chillas – Chief Data Officer, National University
  • Marina Brauch – Director, Market Analysis, Office of Strategic Research & Analytics, Northeastern University
  • Meaghan Rajkumar – Deputy Director of Research, Sandbox ColLABorative, Southern New Hampshire University

2. Do Liberal Arts Grads Get Good Jobs?

2:00 – 2:45, Tuesday, April 17

The stereotype is that liberal arts grads face scant job prospects, and must either return to school to gain a marketable skill or settle for a less-than-ideal job while rerouting their career. In our new report, we dive into the current state of liberal arts degrees and explain how the labor market outcomes for liberal arts grads are much stronger than people commonly assume.

  • Rob Sentz – Chief Innovation Officer, Emsi

3. Manufacturing Is Not Dead

10:00 – 10:45, Wednesday, April 18

Since the recession, production jobs have increased—and so have the knowledge and skill requirements. But are they good jobs? Yes, they are! After analyzing hundreds of thousands of job postings, we observed that manufacturers need multi-functional engineering technicians that possess both traditional manufacturing and engineering skills. Come learn about the state of manufacturing jobs and the powerful skills that allow workers to earn good money and find new value in the labor market. Read our new report here.

  • Rob Sentz – Chief Innovation Officer, Emsi

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