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Emsi Update: Dynamic Tables, Include/Exclude Skills, and Source Information for Job Posting Analytics

September 27, 2018 by Remie Verougstraete

We are pleased to announce several new features that make Emsi’s job posting analytics even more intuitive, transparent, and easy to use:

  1. Filter job postings data by companies, occupations, job titles, and skills–right from the results table.
  2. Simultaneously include some skills while excluding others when filtering.
  3. View top sources for job postings data.

These updates are now in effect for all Analyst, Developer, and Talent Analyst users. Here’s a quick look at how they work.

1) Dynamic Tables for Easy Filtering

Say we’re researching employer demand in the Minneapolis-St. Paul MSA. Target has corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, so it’s not surprising to see them on the list of top companies posting jobs in the region. If we want to focus on opportunities at Target HQ, we can now do so by simply selecting Target Corporation in the table and clicking “Add to Filter.” 

Now we’ve isolated the Target job postings in Minneapolis-St. Paul. But when we scroll down to look at top postings by occupation, it looks like we’re capturing a lot of retail jobs in multiple Target stores–not necessarily openings at just the corporate HQ. To get a better idea of the hiring needs at headquarters, we can quickly and easily exclude the retail occupations that don’t seem as relevant to our search. Using the dynamic table, we just select the occupations we want to filter out, and click “Exclude from Results.”

The report now looks like a better reflection of openings at Target’s HQ: more marketing, IT, and logistics occupations; fewer retail occupations. To whittle it down further, we could now exclude food-service and housekeeping occupations.  Those might be jobs at the HQ’s offices and onsite cafeteria, but they likely include similar positions in Target retail stores. Either way, you can use dynamic tables to quickly try different approaches and explore the data.

Note that any filtering done in the table is automatically populated in the sidebar. So if we want to go back and re-incorporate any of these occupations, we can just scroll up to the sidebar and make adjustments there.

2) Simultaneously Include and Exclude Skills

To help you refine search results even further, we’ve also added the ability to include some skills and certifications while excluding others at the same time. For example, if a workforce board wanted to identify regional job postings that asked for accounting skills but did not require a CPA license, they could filter accordingly.

3) Source Transparency

We’ve also added a list of “Top Posting Sources” to the job posting analytics report, so you can scroll to the bottom of the page and see the different sources from which postings were aggregated. This is helpful if you want to confirm that a particular source is represented in the postings, or if you want to know where the majority of postings are hosted for further research.

For example, here are the top sources for a query of Lockheed Martin job postings in Dallas, Texas, for Q2 of 2018. You can see that it includes state workforce job boards and private company job boards as well as national job posting aggregators:


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