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What’s Trending in Jobs and Skills

September 12, 2019 by Emsi Burning Glass

Technology is driving change in the job market; change that can be tracked by the speed of growth, according to a new study from Boston Consulting Group and Emsi Burning Glass.

The study examines more than 95 million online job postings over three years to identify both the fastest-growing jobs and fastest-growing skills in the U.S. job market. The jobs analyzed broke down into five categories:

• Flagship jobs are those in high demand (10,000 to 1 million postings) and still growing (up to a 20% increase in postings yearly).

• Fast-growing jobs also experience high demand but are growing even faster (more than 20% yearly).

• High-growth jobs are those that have fewer than 10,000 annual postings but are growing at an extremely high rate (more than 40%).

• Modest-growth jobs show the lowest demand. Because their impact is limited, we do not analyze them in detail in this report.

• Declining jobs are those for which demand is shrinking.

Job skills broke down into similar categories, although the rate of change can be more dramatic because a skill may be required in a wide number of jobs. For example, in 2018 there were 14 times as many jobs calling for cloud computing skills as there were jobs for cloud engineers, and demand for these skills spanned occupations as diverse as software engineers, data scientists, product managers, and business development managers.

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