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APIs: A Game-Changer for Staffing Firms and Large Companies

October 8, 2019 by Meredith Metsker

First off, what is an API? In simplest terms, an API (or application programming interface) helps two computer programs talk to each other. In the case of staffing firms or larger companies, that usually means integrating Emsi’s labor market data with their own internal data via Emsi APIs.

Many companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500, are now using data in their people analytics strategies. But not all of them need, or want, the pre-designed and branded reports in Emsi’s Talent Analyst platform. Or maybe their recruiters don’t have time to log into their internal HR system and Talent Analyst. All they need are the numbers.

In that case, an Emsi API is the ideal fit. Companies get access to all of Emsi’s raw data and can pipe it into their own dashboards, making it easy to compare internal data and Emsi data. Plus, Emsi APIs are automatically updated, so companies and recruiters don’t have to worry about pulling new reports. It’s fully integrated, up-to-date, point-of-decision data.

“If you have a large recruiting team and they have to log into a tool, export the information, and then upload it into a custom report they’re already building, that could take 10 to 30 minutes,” said Caleb Courtney, API solutions architect. “Times that by a thousand recruiters and you lose money fast. An API would quickly pay off.”

Here’s a quick video about Emsi APIs to show you how it all works.

How can companies use an API?

APIs are all about solving a problem with flexibility and speed. Here are a few specific ways a company could use an API in their talent strategy:

  1. Comparing your competition’s job postings, and the skills associated with them, to your company’s job postings.
  2. Evaluating a market for potential expansion.
  3. Comparing how much your company pays vs. what the rest of the market pays.
  4. Measure the skills of the internal pool of talent to assess ability to hire candidates internally.
  5. Benchmarking your diversity and inclusion initiatives against the market.

What do companies need to integrate an API?

Ideally, any company or talent analytics team will need at least one technical expert to successfully integrate an API. This could be a data scientist, data engineer, or web developer depending on the integration. Emsi provides sample code and plenty of documentation to help developers get started. Here’s a quick video about how that works.

For more information about Emsi or our API offerings for businesses, contact Jon Dion.

Meredith Metsker

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