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Webinar Recap: Real-Time Data to Support Your Local Businesses Right Now

April 3, 2020 by Drew Repp

Thank you for attending our recent webinar on real-time and traditional labor market data that can be used to support local businesses during COVID-19. Josh Wright, EVP of workforce & economic development, and Dustin Lester, director of strategic partnerships, walked through data that can help communities support their local businesses, including:

  • Emsi’s Job Posting Analytics and public dashboard
  • An example of how data can help communities reposition companies and workers for COVID-19 response
  • Assessing COVID-19’s impact on regional economies and industries
  • Other key real-time metrics and data to consider

For those unable to attend, or if you’d like to watch again, below is a recording of the webinar along with downloadable slides and a detailed outline.

Download Slides



Setting the Stage

  • Telling the story in a few charts (3:50)
  • From the great pause to the great pivot (5:44)

Real-Time Indicators

  • Key real-time(ish) metrics (6:50)
  • Job Posting Dashboard and trends (8:39)
  • Why track job posting activity? (11:44)
  • Job Posting example: Orlando, Florida (13:08)
    • Which occupations are increasing in Orlando
    • The skills increasing in demand in Orlando
  • Remote work trends (15:35)
  • Keyword search in job postings (16:35)

Repositioning Impacted Workers

  • Private sector partnerships in response to COVID-19 (18:09)
  • Example: Ventec and GM partnership for ventilator production in Kokomo, Indiana (19:17)
    • Ventec labor market profile – occupations
    • Ventec labor market profile – skills
    • Community support for hiring in Kokomo
    • Kokomo region’s production worker labor market
    • Production worker skills transferability
    • Supply chain requirements and supplier network
    • How industry and labor market information applies, what community leaders can do now

Economic Impact & Supply Chain Analysis

  • Assessing the impact (29:13)
  • Input-Output Model example – restaurants in Atlanta, Georgia (32:18)
    • Supply chain impact
    • Impact of losing 100 restaurant jobs in Atlanta

Other Data to Consider (37:10)

Prepping for Post-COVID (39:08)

Additional Emsi Resources (41:47)

Q&A (42:41)


For additional data to help support your community’s response, visit our COVID-19 resource page. If you have any questions about the webinar content, our data, or would like to chat about your community’s needs, please contact us.

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