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Webinar Recap: Understanding the Economic Disruption in Your Community Caused by COVID-19

April 23, 2020 by Christy Clark

Emsi was pleased to partner with Mid-America EDC for a recent webinar on understanding the various economic and labor market impacts of COVID-19. We dove into economic impact analysis, the ins and outs of the Input-Output Model, the uniqueness of essential/non-essential workers by MSAs, and how to evaluate ways to pivot a workforce to resilient, in-demand fields.

The full webinar is embedded here and a breakdown of the discussion is below.

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Welcome – Kyle Adams, President, Mid-America EDC (:25)
Agenda (1:42)
Speaker bios (4:16)

Economic Impact Analysis

Uniqueness of Covid-19 as a Major Event (6:14)
Types of Economic Impact Analysis (9:35)
Input-Output (I-O) Model (12:45)
I-O Multiplier Effects (14:08)

Essential vs. Non-Essential Industries

Generating Essential/Non-Essential Industry Groups (15:56)
Breakdown of Essential vs. Non-Essential Industries by MSA (17:37)

I-O Examples

Springfield, MO “Main Street” (23:57)
Construction in Grand Rapids, MI  (28:53)

Workforce and jobs

Pivoting to In-Demand, Resilient Skills (35:48)
High Risk Occupations (38:07)
Occupations in Large Group Settings (39:40)
Need for Resilient Labor Force (42:26)
Using Job Posting Data to Determine In-Demand Skills (45:15)


Covid-19 Resource Page (50:14)
Q&A (52:22)


For more insights on understanding the economic impact of COVID-19 and strategies for building a recovery plan, download our COVID-19 Recovery Guide


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