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Building From Within

Why Hiring from within is Crucial in a Post-Covid World

May 18, 2022 by Tim Hatton

One of the most lasting changes of the past two years has been the disruptive impact of a long-term worker shortage. So how can employers fill open positions with the workers they need?


The latest economic reports show no sign of relief for employers sorely in need of talent—there are only 52 individuals unemployed for every 100 open jobs, while the unemployment rate is hovering near its record low. And workers with the specific skills an employer needs may be even harder to find.


Since it’s such a challenge to bring in new workers with valuable skills from outside, one potential solution is to train more from within your existing workforce.


For that, employers need to understand two things: first, what skills your employees already have, and second, what skills you need in a given occupation, and how they match up.


Hear more from Emsi Burning Glass SVP Cara Christopher:

Tim Hatton

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