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Alumni Outcomes

Your alumni are out there. Let's go find them.

Program-specific employment outcomes

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Where do your alumni go?

Who employs them and what jobs are they getting?
Are they working in fields related to their program of study?
Are they staying in state or migrating out of state?

See how your alumni are using their education in the real world.

What are their job titles and where do they work?

Which employers are hiring your grads?

Are alumni employed in fields related to their program of study?

What are their estimated earnings?

What skills do they have?

Are they staying in state or migrating out of state?

Which other institutions have your alumni attended?

Now you can stop wondering and start analyzing.


Your students’ current occupations, classified by SOC/O*NET code (such as Elementary School Teacher)

Job title

Specific job titles (such as Second Grade Spanish Teacher)


The companies currently employing your students, or whether students are self-employed


City and state of residence


The industries (2- or 6-digit NAICS code) where your students work

Estimaged Wages

Estimates based on alumni's current occupation and location


Skills listed on your students’ public résumés/profiles (such as sales, Microsoft Office, or SQL)


Certifications listed on your students’ public résumés/profiles (such as CPA, CompTIA, or CNA)

Other Schools

Other institutions your students have attended

Improve programs. Engage stakeholders.

Program review

Validate successful programs, discover new opportunities, and identify programs that may be underperforming.

Employer engagement

Discover businesses hiring your grads so you can build strategic partnerships.

Grant writing and fundraising

Bolster your grant proposals with hard data proving your programs have helped alumni get great careers.

Academic and career advising

Help current and prospective students set realistic career goals based on actual employment outcomes of your grads.

Marketing and recruitment

Engage prospective students by demonstrating alumni success. Make it easy with GoRecruit: a powerful tool that complements Alumni Outcomes by putting your grad’s career data in configurable infographics.

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“We're using the data in our outreach efforts. We're able to build partnerships with new employers and get feedback on how we can adjust our curriculum to better meet employer needs…. We've just scratched the surface of what we can do with this data.”

Kevin Long, Senior Planning and Policy Analyst

Montgomery College

How it works

You’ll work with an Emsi specialist to provide a catalog of your academic programs and student records. We custom match these records with our database of over 120 million profiles and resumes aggregated from the open web. This process enables us to connect employment outcomes to your specific programs, so you get detailed, personalized results. Then, we organize and deliver the data in user-friendly formats for quick analysis.

What you get

School summary

A filterable overview of employment outcomes for your school’s matched alumni

Program snapshot

A more focused look at the employment outcomes for grads of a specific program

Matched data file

Spreadsheet with all available information for your matched student profiles

Analysis file

Excel file with pre-built pivot tables for deeper analysis

Consulting deliverables

Emsi’s team of economists and data scientists can provide further analysis to answer questions that are of special interest to your institution.








Value of a Degree

Measure students’ return on their academic investment by calculating the higher earnings they will receive with a degree from your institution.



Career Trajectory

Go beyond most-recent job analysis by tracing alumni's career trajectory, from education through job history.



Competetive Advantage

Highlight your competitive advantage by benchmarking your alumni against state and/or national averages.


Profile Analytics

Want to compare your alumni’s employment outcomes with those of alumni from competing institutions? Access over 120 million professional profiles all over the country in Profile Analytics. See how your outcomes compare.

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