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We don't need to sell you on the value of employment outcomes data.

Imagine if you could access comprehensive data on thousands (or tens of thousands) of your alumni in less time than a coffee break. Sound too good to be true?

Emsi offers a suite of employment outcomes solutions, powered on a database of 100 million+ alumni profiles and resumes, that provide info on:

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    Where your alumni live

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    Who employs them

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    Their occupation and job titles

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    The skills they market on their resumes

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    Their educational history

"It can be difficult to get a good response with alumni surveys. The Emsi match was more than triple the rate I will often get."

Royal Dawson, Director of Enrollment Analytics at University of La Verne

This data is so valuable, collecting it shouldn’t be a roadblock. Request a FREE alumni overview report for your institution to see for yourself.

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