Business Engage

The next generation of business retention and expansion

Add value to your business community with a proactive, data-driven BRE strategy.

Upgrade your BRE strategy


Identify expanding or at-risk businesses with our Talent Growth Index, so you can quickly prioritize which businesses you should meet with.


Track business health over time, so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your business community.


Uncover business characteristics and pain points, so you walk into your meetings equipped with specific knowledge and actionable ideas.

Make a measurable impact

We know how critical BRE efforts are to any community, whether it’s small or large. That’s why we created Business Engage with help from 30+ economic developers across the U.S. When you have data, it’s easier to set goals and measure impact.

Achieve goals with data you can trust

Our Talent Growth Index scores all the companies in your region on a scale of 0 to 100. We built the index on six business, industry, and regional variables—including job posting activity and industry competitive effect—that are highly correlated to job growth.

Be a recognized resource

Become an expert on issues your businesses are facing

Stay informed on industry and regional trends

Spend time with the most critical businesses

Impress your contacts with company-specific data

Communicate your effectiveness to stakeholders

Partner with us

Step 1

We’ll show you how to integrate Business Engage with your BRE process.

Step 2

Our dedicated account managers will set up your industry cluster focus.

Step 3

You can start your proactive approach to BRE.


3 Tips to Improve Your BRE Processes