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Career Coach Plugin

Market career outcomes from your program pages

According to recent research conducted by mStoner Inc. and Chegg, when asked “Which of the following sections of college websites are the most difficult to use?”, 46 percent of teens selected “what kind of jobs I can get as a graduate.” Students want to know about the career outcomes connected to your programs—using the Career Coach Plugin throughout your website is the best way to provide them with that information.

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What is it?

The Career Coach Plugin allows you to embed wage information for specific careers anywhere on your website or student information system using our easy-to-use widget.

How it works

Our team will work with you to implement the Career Coach Plugin and make sure it gets integrated into your site as seamlessly as possible. Many other institutions have had great success quickly and effectively integrating the Career Coach Plugin into their website.


The Career Coach Plugin is built by our Project Team. Essentially, it is many self-contained blocks of code that can be easily placed anywhere on your website or in your student information system. You also have the ability to adjust the styling options with simple changes to the code that we’ve detailed in our documentation.

Need more integration?

See our APIs for full access and customization of our datasets.