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Better career choices in central Texas using data

Charley Ayers, Director of Industry/Education Partnerships at Workforce Solutions of Central Texas, highlighted one of many data-driven programs that’s helping meet local needs.

About Workforce Solutions of Central Texas

Workforce Solutions of Central Texas promotes the career development of those in our seven county region. We improve access to, and the quality of, post-secondary educational opportunities and meet the needs of business, industry, and government through the development and sharing of resources and expertise. Emsi Burning Glass data on labor markets, high-demand jobs, and training and education helps us meet local needs.

Data for better career choices

The goal of the Student Occupational Awareness and Recognition Program (SOAR) is to expose, educate, and engage students in career development and career decision-making. The program provides career services to students at public middle and high schools (grades six through twelve). Students receive in-depth education and direction on career choices as well as access to up-to-date labor market and career data. The SOAR Program offers many resources to help students to become workforce ready!

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"Our experience with Emsi Burning Glass has been rewarding and productive."

Charley Ayres

Director, Industry/Education Partnerships

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