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How Greater MSP is using data to create an action plan

Maurice Harris serves as the Research Manager at Great MSP Partnership. He shared with us how they use data daily and to create their Regional Economic Framework action plan.

The work of Greater MSP Partnership

The Greater MSP Partnership is the regional economic development organization for the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area. We serve as a key resource for businesses and individuals looking to relocate, invest, partner and grow in the Greater MSP region. We can help by coordinating community connections and sharing relevant information.

How Greater MSP Partnership is using data

We use Emsi Burning Glass products to determine labor/talent availability, identify industry and occupation concentrations, attract talent, and determine the economic impact of COVID-19 and other disruptions.

Creating an action plan with data

Greater MSP, in partnership with the Metropolitan Council and The Center for Economic Inclusion, created the Regional Economic Framework, a document that presents regional economic conditions and an action plan to make the region better. The Framework allows for communities and public entities in our region to apply for CARES Act and U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) funding.

To show the need for federal funding via the Framework, we displayed key industry and occupational employment data and overall economic indicator data to understand our region’s key economic strengths and challenges and better tell our regional economic story.

Most used reports

"It has been a great relationship between Emsi Burning Glass and Greater MSP using the tools and the support that's been provided over the years."

Maurice Harris

Manager, Research

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