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Riverbird Research at the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce

Established by the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, Riverbird Research uses data to communicate regional assets and opportunities. Senior Director of Research, Heidi Reiber, shared how they use data to support the community and enhance their reports.

About Riverbird Research

Riverbird Research was established by the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and leverages well-informed expertise in labor market data, demographic and economic research, and economic impact analysis to communicate regional assets and further community betterment. In addition, we have a longstanding collaboration with Mountain Area Workforce Development Board to provide high-quality labor market data for communities, partners, and prospects.

Supporting decision-makers and stakeholders

Emsi Burning Glass enables our ability to support communities with timely insight on key metrics that are important to decision-makers and stakeholders. With this data, we benchmark industry and occupational trends, analyze areas of specialization, prominent industry clusters, key economic drivers, and better organize and communicate competitive factors that distinguish our regions and communities.

Expanding knowledge with data

Emsi Burning Glass informs all our reports and when packaged in marketing materials, the information is often surprising. For example, Emsi Burning Glass data supports our previous knowledge of the manufacturing activity in our area, but supplements it by showing how our manufacturing presence is skilled across multiple industries. The data shows the diversity of our economy by demonstrating the contributions of arts and entertainment, professional and business services, and healthcare.

Emsi Burning Glass data has helped our economic development team attract thousands of new jobs and millions in capital investment.

Most used reports

"Five-stars. Our team uses the system on a regular basis because of Emsi Burning Glass' reputation, the high quality standards in data delivery, the number of relevant data points, user interface, and superior customer support."

Heidi Reiber

Senior Director, Research

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