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Client Pledge

At the heart of all that Emsi does is our mission to bless the client. We are committed to giving you the support and advice you need to use our tools, reports, and data to benefit your organization. Below are our five pledges to our clients, which will ensure that we achieve our goal of blessing your organization. We will use these pledges to hold ourselves accountable, and we also encourage you to hold us accountable to them too!

Emsi pledges to:

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You will be provided access to free, unlimited and customized webinar trainings, led by your dedicated Account or Project Manager, to help you get the most out of our tools, reports, and data.

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After the initial training or project on-boarding period, your dedicated Account or Project Manager will be there to answer any questions that come up as you work with Emsi’s products.

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Provide Expertise

In addition to your Account or Project Manager, we have many digital resources available to you that can help expand your knowledge and inform you of best practices: Knowledge Base, Webinars, Newsletters, and Blogs.

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Emsi is constantly striving to improve our data solutions as well as create new ones, often based on client feedback. We will keep you informed of new developments as they occur, as well as seek your feedback on those new concepts and ideas.

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Emsi seeks to understand the complexity of your organization and what problems you are currently facing. We will take ownership of those issues and work closely with you on a solution.