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The Right Location

We understand that clients want the “chosen location” to be a winning decision for today – and for years to come. To mitigate site selection risk, we use a proprietary econometric methodology to analyze key indicators to compare the cost, availability and sustainability of labor from market to market.


Dr. Wayne Gearey is a leading expert in the field of site selection and location economics. Gearey, the former chief data scientist for JLL’s award-winning global location intelligence team, combines extensive experience in site selection analysis with Emsi’s comprehensive database of regional workforce and economic data to produce unparalleled insight in location intelligence.

Our team of data scientists, economists and researches have performed site selection analysis for over 700 companies in 45 countries across the globe – we have the experience you’re looking for.

The Science of Winning with Analytics

The power of location economics is a mixed method approach to performing geostatistical, contextual, qualitative and quantitative analysis to rank and compare markets that uncovers a precise, client-specific geography of opportunity.

Opportunity Indices

Our location economics team can score and rank markets based on selected indicators. This could be an index of tech labor availability – or labor sustainability, millennial labor concentration, or social amenities. Through these indices, we track trends and assess the future benefits or risks of a location to support and sustain revenue-generating operations.

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