Economic & Workforce Development


Helping Solve Modern Problems

Cities and regions are facing serious issues: inequality, the effects of automation, the lack of skilled talent. You can’t try to solve modern problems like these with antiquated information, which is why our EDO/WIB team is passionate about bringing the insights you need to help your community grow.

    We formed the EDO/WIB team so we could provide:
  • Better focus on answering the problems that you face

  • Agility to develop tools & services that bless communities while still being part of Emsi

  • Specific training, support, and reports that help you go from data to answers

    What’s coming:
  • Occupation data by place of residence

  • Community indicators

  • Workforce and alumni analysis by skill

  • Deeper compensation insights

  • Peer region selection

Data and Product Innovation

Like many of you, we’re data geeks. We love spreadsheets and crunching numbers and great data visualizations. Most of all, we love providing meaning to data to help our clients prosper their communities.

This was a big year on that front, and we’re even more excited for 2017.

Not Just a Software Company

Yes, Emsi is a labor market data company that serves 1,200+ organizations with our software. But consulting is in our genes. We were founded, in 2001, by two economists who developed cutting-edge socioeconomic impact models. Fifteen years later, we have economists and data scientists that provide industry, workforce, and economic reports.

    A sampling of our consulting offerings:
  • Industry cluster analysis

  • Alumni tracking

  • Workforce analysis by skill

  • Workforce gap analysis

  • Supply chain & economic base evaluation

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