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You're there for your community. We're here for you.

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Communities are beginning the long road to recovery. You are helping guide the way. But the question of where to start and the list of to-dos is long.

Emsi wants to help.

Whether pursuing CARES Act funding, developing post-COVID strategies to support your business community, or simply trying to understand the depth and breadth of the pandemic’s impact, Emsi has data tools and people to help lighten the load.

Wherever you're focused, we can help.

Grant Applications

Every community has been devastated by COVID, which means telling your community specific story needs to go beyond just job loss numbers. Our Developer platform can extract the regional nuances needed to showcase how you will put funds to use. Industry, occupation, and education data, even company information as well as job posting and profile analytics is available 24/7. Want more guided interpretation of your region’s data? Our consulting team is ready to help!

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Strategic planning

While some components of strategic plans will still be in play, economic and workforce development organizations will need to make significant tactical adjustments. Whether an organizational strategic plan or a new/updated CEDS, communities need to make assessments and pivot their strategies accordingly. Both our data platform and consulting team can help in strategy development.

Economic Impact Studies

Although we have moved past the epicenter of stay at home orders and business restrictions, the economic impacts and ripple effects of COVID will continue to be felt. Accuracy of economic impact data—job losses, reduction in tax revenue, business closures, etc.—is vital to making decisions on new strategies. Emsi’s team of economists and data analysts have been performing impact studies for more than twenty years and can accurately measure COVID’s impact in your community.

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CARES Act Funding

Positioning your community for CARES Act funding involves all of the above: knowing where your community stands, telling your story through compelling data, and having a great strategic plan to demonstrate how you will move your recovery forward. Whether through our data platform or working with our consulting team, or a combination of both, Emsi’s data analysis will allow you to confidently work with the EDA. We want to help you through the CARES Act process—fill out the form to talk with a representative.

Recovery, Reemployment, and the Future of Work

Automation, the need for remote education, outdated workforce systems, and many other factors had been at work for decades. But COVID has made addressing these shifts more urgent. And to do that, Emsi has created a framework for states and regions to recalibrate their education and workforce programs based on in-demand skills.

In the near-term, our Recovery & Reemployment Dashboard helps regions quickly understand the economic impact of COVID-19 to make better policy and strategy decisions. Industry and company job data along with trends in careers and skills are visualized, allowing regions to see a path forward according to their unique situation. The end result is an accelerated recovery.

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Tools at your fingertips

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Developer helps you quickly and efficiently understand your local economy, identify industry strengths, and analyze your workforce. It’s all the labor, economic, and demographic data you need. In one place.

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Business Engage

You’re working to help local businesses survive the downturn and come back stronger. With Business Engage you can prioritize at-risk businesses, understand companies' talent needs, and bring science to your BRE process.

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Now more than ever jobseekers need quality information to make smart career decisions. SkillsMatch provides personalized learning and work recommendations powered by skills data.

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A Partner Alongside You

If there is one thing we have all learned from COVID, it’s how much we need each other. We can’t go it alone. If you're needing help assessing your community’s situation and what next steps should look like, our consulting team wants to help. We’ve worked with communities of all sizes, tackling a spectrum of needs: delivering economic impact dashboards, incorporating health data to tell localized stories, determining workforce strategies for disadvantaged populations, and many others.

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Want to try one of our data tools? Have a question on recovery strategy development or determining what data to include in your funding requests? Get in touch and let’s talk it through.