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Three Steps to Support Economic Recovery

A Guide for Economic and Workforce Development Organizations

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As state and local governments begin implementing phased approaches to reopening their economies, economic and workforce developers need to be ready to put recovery strategies into action.

In this guide we walk through three steps your community can take to kick-start its recovery and the tactics for successful execution. The pandemic has permanently changed economic and workforce development, and moving forward adaptability will be vital. Advanced labor market data and economic analysis will be the key to anticipating workforce needs and measuring impacts to regional economies.

The guide examines how that data and analysis will help in three steps:


Assess and Pivot

Things have changed in a big way, so must our strategic plans. Assessing the full scope of COVID-19’s impact on your region will help decipher where to direct limited funds and resources, and set the right direction for recovery.


Act and Adjust

The perfect can’t get in the way of the good. Once a new course is set, action must be taken. When certain strategies don’t pan out, adjust accordingly. The important thing is for EDOs to keep moving forward with data-driven approaches.


Communicate and Monitor

The economic recovery, even by optimistic assessments, will be slow. Communities might take a few steps forward, only to take one back. The important thing will be to communicate progress and be honest about setbacks.

Download the guide and begin or advance your strategy for recovery. Have questions on how to move on any of these tactics? Contact us and we’ll talk it through.