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On-Demand Labor Analytics

The digitization of information workflows is transforming business. Researchers, analysts, marketers, brokers, and investors want easy-to-access labor data that provides interactive, reliable and vibrant reports through self-service labor analytics.

Quickly Research Historic and Projected Data

Identify and leverage your market’s advantages. Use our granular data to showcase a robust talent pool, attractive wage expectations, or a stellar supply chain. Deliver finalized reports with the detail you need—or export the data for further investigation and integration.

Research job titles instead of government codes. Provide your clients with even deeper insight into your region’s workforce. We’ve matched real-time job titles to government occupation codes and aggregated over 100M social profiles. Slice the data by job title, skill, certification, company, industry, and school.

Create Custom Sub-Markets for Neighborhood Level Analytics

Analyze occupations and industries in full detail at the ZIP code level. Form labor sheds around a property address with drive-time or radial analysis. Save and share your custom regional groups for use across your research team.

Distinguish between residents and commuters. Our detailed occupation data includes ZIP code level commuting detail. Leverage this information to identify available talent pools and transportation flows.

Benchmark Your Region Against Competitors

Our comparison reports allow you to identify your strongest competitors. Use our national data to highlight your region’s most compelling advantages.

Pinpoint Local Labor Costs

Use the most detailed, up-to-date compensation data to determine labor costs. Offer your clients a new level of insight. Our regionalized earnings information is updated quarterly, and includes details across five percentiles.

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