Our Data

Track nearly every existing job in the economy

Labor market insights covering more than 99% of the workforce.

Our data helps colleges offer the right programs and get students on a path to career success, employers hire the right talent, and economic and workforce developers prosper their communities.

Traditional Labor Market Information

18 billion data points curated from dozens of government data sources (QCEW, OES, etc.) updated quarterly.

Job Posting Analytics

Hundreds of millions of online job openings with filters by company, job title, skills, keywords, and more: a wealth of insight into what employers are looking for in their hiring process.

Online Social Profiles

>120 million U.S. individuals’ employment and education profiles by company, job title, industry, alma mater, and skill set.

Compensation Data

Over 40M individual compensation observations firmly anchored in robust government data sources.

How is the data delivered?

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